Pharmacom Mix 2 Review

Magic thing about Trenbolone is that it has perfect and strong binding affinity to so important for bodybuilders androgen receptors called A.R. It is crucial property as if stronger it is, it will push harder cells to grow. As you know Pharma mix 2 by Pharmacom contain Trenbolone Acetate (75mg/ml). That dosage of Tren within Pharma Mix 2 is enough to bring perfect results which are visible with an eye after 2 weeks. After that period, person using Mix 2 is able to see changes on daily basis. So now it is time to jump into Pharmacom Mix 2 review …  Continue reading “Pharmacom Mix 2 Review”

Boldenone Undecylenate Pharmacom (Pharma Bold 300)

Pharma Bold 300 for sale in UK offers one of the best effects when used to build lean muscle mass. Boldenone Undecylenate called commonly Equipoise is anabolic steroid made for animal market. Equipoise is commonly given to horses just like Stanozolol (Stromba, Winstrol). Continue reading “Boldenone Undecylenate Pharmacom (Pharma Bold 300)”

Dianabol side effects

Basically there are some Dianabol side effects like also with every vitamin you can buy in supermarket. If you overdose. If you following common sense you can avoid side-effects easily. I, for example never supper sides on Dianabol. Maybe it is just me but honestly I have never seen side effects on any of my friends during 16 years of contact with anabolic steroids. Get into our atricle to read more about Dianabol Side Effects. Continue reading “Dianabol side effects”

Winstrol Bioniche Pharma

One of the best selling Stanozolol steroids in UK – Winstrol Bioniche Pharma. If you tried that one you may never go back to classing Winstrol Depot by Desma. Winstrol is a steroid highly anabolic, ie. One that has the property to build tissues. Assisted chemical changes occurring in the muscle affects the flow rate of nutrients through the cell membranes of muscles and helps to increase protein synthesis. The result of these actions is to increase quality muscle mass and strength. Continue reading “Winstrol Bioniche Pharma”