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Buy Testosterone Propionate UK

Want to buy Testosterone Propionate UK ? Nothing easier. Propionate or Prop is now the most wanted and most popular Testosterone Hormone ester available in the world. If you consider building some lean muscle mass and strength, you should buy Testosterone Propionate UK steroid for your cycle. If you don’t know what Prop is, I encourage you to read this short article as well as other, maybe Wikipedia , material about real Propionate Steroid UK.  

What is Testosterone Propionate UK ?

Buy Testosterone Propionate UKTestosterone Propionate is called many times Test P , Test Pro, or just Prop. It is oil based anabolic-androgenic hormone and is fast acting ester. What is ester ? It is a molecular group attached to 100% pure testosterone (or other drug) which controls, how fast/slow it will be released to body from injected drug. Basically it is testosterone hormone with time control. 100% pure testosterone will be active few hour. Now you can buy fast acting steroid which is injected like 30min – 1h before workout and is gone super fast from the body within few hour.

If you want to buy Testosterone Propionate UK, you willing to buy Test-Propionate with up to 48h life in human body. It mean, It has to be injected again no later than 48h after preview shot. Propionate UK has his peak after about 12h after injection, and if you purchase Testosterone Propionate UK, you will have to take it 1ml (100mg) EOD (every other day).

That is short story about Propionate ester of Testosterone Hormone. One more thing, don’t believe if somebody says “Enan is a different, better testosterone” or Cypio is. No. There is nothing like different types of testosterone. There is just one but with different esters attached to it.  All test esters doing the same job, but with different time. So if you want to buy Testosterone Propionate UK, know, you are buying same hormone as Enanthate, Cypionate , but with different “time setting” ok ?



Buy Testosterone Propionate UK

So if you know something about Test Prop and how to use it. Maybe it is time to buy Testosterone Propionate UK online. If you don’t know any good dealer, we have prepared for you some Testosterone Propionate products in our shop. On the image above, you can see Testo-Prop 100 by SiS Labs. Today we have received new batch and tested it with Steroid Test liquids. Results show, this is pure and genuine Testosterone Propionate anabolic steroid available for sale in United Kingdom.

Buy Testosterone Propionate UK

How to take Testosterone Propionate UK ?

If you purchased your Testosterone Propionate steroid , you are ready to administrate it right ? Before you decide to buy Test Prop in UK, consider all reasons why you want to use steroids. I have to mention, anabolic-androgenic steroids are drugs (human hormones) which will affect your body natural hormones. Not just Testosterone hrmone, but many others. You have to know that.

Make decent research before you take any steroids ok ? No matter if it is genuine Testosterone Propionate , Dianabol or any other. All of them are dangerous !

As I have mentioned above, Test Propionate UK is short Testosterone ester and need to be administrated (injected) every second (other) day. Simply saying , every 2 days. To get optional results, do not extend that time. It can be taken every day. No problem. But you have take another shot after 2 days from last jab, or jump in with PCT on 3rd day straight away (if you used just Test Prop in your cycle).

If you buy Testosterone Propionate UK , how much you should take ?

Ok, you got your steroid, you are ready to inject it. Buy how to take Testosterone Propionate UK ? The rule of thumb is to take at least 100mg of Prop EOD (every other day). If you are advanced and wish to take more, maybe every day , do it. But injecting each day may be hard and annoying for some of bodybuilders. It this case maybe consider taking Cypionate or Enanthate.

Dosage for EOD injecting is 100mg. That what you should remember. It doesn’t have much sense to take it below 75mg a day or other day. So standard dosage is 100mg EOD.


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