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D Ball Steroids – What is it and where to buy

If you are gym member for some time, you have noticed lack of gains on mass as well as on strength and pleasure of workout. It is just because your body used to your training routine and diet regime. Here with help comes D Ball Steroids commonly known as Dianabol tablets or originally a Methandienone hormone.

D Ball steroids were created purely for sport purpose. Some of you may think that Dianabol (Methandienone) as first a medical drug. No. However it was created by American doctor named John Bosley Ziegler (1920-1983) in early 1950’s at the Ciba Pharmaceutical company for Olympic athletes to score much more wins against Russian on Testosterone hormone. AS you can see D Ball steroids are popular more than 60 years now and still are leading and maybe the best oral anabolic steroids in history.

What is original name for D Ball steroids ?

That question is the most commonly asked as there is to many confusions regarding real name for D Ball steroids tablets. Because that steroid is so popular for more than 60 years and successfully used by almost each bodybuilder in bulking cycles it earned hundreds brand names and it is not easy to find real name and the same source for D ball steroids.

Dianabol Steroid Profile - pharmacy grade Metanabol tablets from Jelfa, poland
Pharmacy grade and original Dianabol – Metanabol is Polish Methandienone hormone.

Metandienone hormone is a drug within all D Ball steroids under any brand names. That hormone is also known as methandrostenolone or methandienone but the most common name for D ball steroids is Dianabol or D-Bol.  One of the best known D Ball steroids brands in United Kingdom is British Dragon Dianabol or Metanabol – pharmacy grade D-Ball from Poland.

Where to buy genuine D Ball steroids in United Kingdom ?

If you are looking for genuine D Ball steroids which origin from Metandienone hormone, you should avoid all fake products having that name like products made by Crazy Bulk. All products of that company inherited real steroids names and implemented them in their vitamin and creatine products which has nothing to do with Dianabol. Of course if you accept Crazy Bulk products and decide to take them AND follow diet they suggest and change training regime , you will get results. There is no way to not gain anything. But it is more about healthy diet and good training. In fact … you won’t be able to get great results on genuine D Ball steroids to without good diet high in proteins and good , heavy workout. But you will get them fast, you’ll get strength due to better glycogen transport in muscles etc.

If you want to buy genuine and original D Ball steroids , you should look for most popular on the market brands like

All those above are checked and fully original D Ball steroids containing 100% genuine Metandienone hormone.

Buy D Ball steroids in United Kingdom - British Dragon Dianabol
D Ball steroids under name British Dragon Dianabol

What is price for D Ball steroids in UK ?

There is no fixed price for D Ball steroids of any brand, but there is some reasonable margin for Dianabol tablets. The first important thing is how many D ball tablets you buy and what is nominal Metandienone value in each of them.

The most popular ‘weight’ for one D ball steroids tablets is 10mg. You can buy other brands like Dianabol 50 , where one tablet has 50mg what make it strongest Dianabol tablets on the market. We suggest however to purchase D Ball tablets in value of 10mg each as it is easier to customise D Ball steroids dycle with increase of 10mg as overdosing Methandienone hormone is common mistake made by young steroid users.

What is the optimal daily dosage for D Ball steroids ?

The optimal daily dosage for D Ball steroids is 50mg each day of the cycle. It is not recommended to go below that amount due to lack of effects with non required side-effects which can appear during long cycle.

100mg of D Ball steroids dosage ?

No. What ever you will hear from friends in the gym or read online, there is no point to take 100mg of Dianabol each day (ED) as margin 50-100mg has just a little income in lean muscle mass and strength comparing to increased side-effects which can lead to infertility if cycle is to long.

What is the best D Ball steroids cycle for beginners ?

D Ball Steroids can be taken alone as basic and the only anabolic steroid in cycle but not longer than 6 weeks due to high liver toxicity. In each day of that 6 weeks cycle, user has to take 50mg of D Ball steroids daily (Every Day). After that period D Ball cycle is finished and PCT therapy is required. It should involve HCG, Clomifen and Nolvadex.  You can read more about PCT cycles in one of our other articles. Remember that PCT cycle depend on type of steroid taken during cycle. Almost each steroid has different time of starting PCT.

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