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Dianabol 10mg UK

dianabol 10mg uk

The most popular brand of Methandienone is Dianabol 10mg UK. This product was made in late 50’s to help USA Olympic team get more wins against Russian athletes on injectable testosterone. That time taking steroid in sports wasn’t banned like it is now.

dianabol 10mg uk

What is Dianabol 10mg UK ?

10mg tablets are the most popular type of d-Bol tablets you will find on any market in the UK as well as in the World. 10mg size of each tablets is enough for medical purpose but still not sufficient when we talk about muscle building. 50mg is great Dianabol 10mg UK dosage per day divided in 2-3 smaller batches due to short Methandienon peak of action. I am not saying that this drug is weak. No. It is strong and great .

10mg Dianabol UK is easy to manipulate and specify dose on required level. It would be harder with 50mg or larger tablets. But 50mg Dianabol is still available in many as well as in our steroid shop UK. This however is maybe used my more advanced bodybuilders who knows where they want to go by taking this product.

10mg Dianabol tablets vs 50mg

Like I’ve mentioned above. 10mg tablets are more elastic than 50mg when we talk about precise dose of Methandienone hormone. You can buy Dianabol 10mg UK steroid in our shop as well as from your trainer. This is however dangerous , prescription drug and can not be used without medical supervision.  It is used to build lean muscle mass as well as strength. It can not be overdosed and used longer than required period of time.

Dianabol 10mg UK tablets in sport

Dianabol 10mg UK steroid tablets are favourite product among beginners but not only. This drug is used almost in each bulking cycle as it’s awesome ! It is very fast acting steroid. It will work in hours. You can notice fast strength growth on Dianabol 10mg UK tablets.


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