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Eph500 extreme how to use

If you are looking answer to question : eph500 extreme how to use it ? Answer may be simple here. You should try to experiment on yourself. Start with one EPH500 Extreme tablet to start a day. Check how it feels in about 30-40 min. It should kick already. If you feel like it is to low dosage, wait a bit more and if still not happy , take another half and increment dosage by half every hour. Anyway … you should feel good after 2 and you should sweat like piggy in a pouring rain. I am. Two is maximum what I take. I guess there is no need to take more. I am taking eph500 extreme fat burner about an hour before workout. After that time there is no way that I won’t run to the gym. Now you know answer to : Eph500 extreme how to use it !

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