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Pharma Mix 2 Cycle

As you maybe already know Pharma Mix 2 by Pharmacom is now the most wanted Trenbolone Acetate blend on the market in United Kingdom as well as in United States. That powerful and clean tren-masteron-testosterone blend made amazing career due to his fast and strong reaction on human body. It is not just another steroid like other. If you plan best Pharma Mix 2 cycle with optimal doses, your body start changing in weeks , noth month or years. So jump into our article about in our opinion the best Pharma Mix 2 cycle and try it on yourself .

What is Pharma Mix 2 ?

Pharma Mix 2 by Pharmacom is fantastic and stong steroid blen which contain :

Maybe you know all those three anabolic/androgenic steroids yet and you know that all of them within Pharma Mix 2 are the best compound when is about to build lean muscle mass. That’s right. Trenbolone Acetate is called king of steroids. If you have never tried it yet, you don’t know why it is like that.

Tren Ace is 5 times much more potent that basic Testosterone for human body. We can say it is five times stronger. As you can see above, Pharma Mix 2 contain 75mg of trenbolone acetate which is just right amount to bring outstatnding results in weeks.  If you plan your steroid or Pharma Mix 2 cycle , you should know how your body reacts on Tren.

What is the optimal Pharma Mix 2 Cycle ?

When talking about any “optimal” cycle as well as pharma mix 2 optimal cycle , it is a bit hard to precise it. It differ on each person as everybody has different weight and respond to Pharma Mix 2 cycle in different way. Below I can describe you my optimal Pharma mix 2 cycle by Pharmacom Labs. You can adjust it the way it suits you the best.

Week Pharma Mix 2
 week 1  100ml/EOD
 week 2  100ml/EOD
 week 3  100ml/EOD
 week 4  100ml/EOD
 week 5  100ml/ED
 week 6  100ml/ED
 week 7  100ml/EOD
 week 8  100ml/EOD

As you see that optimal Pharma Mix 2 cycle is 8 weeks long and require 100ml every day . Week 5 and 6 require 100ml every day to maximise Trenbolone effects in that cycle.Advanced Pharma Mix 2 Cycle

Advanced Pharma Mix 2 cycle

Below is example of advanced Pharma Mix 2 cycle for those who wish to gest maximal muscle growth in fastest possible time, super high strength in short time as well as lowest water and fat retention. You may ask why there is Anadrol (Anapolon) element is that Pharma Mix 2 cycle. As you know Oxymetholone (Anadrol) is strongest oral steroid that has very high water retention properties. Yes. That is true. But if taken for short period of time (21 days max) it will give super fast mass and strength growths. As it is taken just in the beggining of that cycle, it wont make much water retention during end of the cycle. As you can see, Weeks 5-8 has 50mg of oral winstrol each day for maximal cutting and “drying” so you will be big, strong and shredded.

Week Pharma Mix 2 Anadrol/Anapolon Winstrol (Stanozolol)
 week 1  100ml/EOD  50mg/ED
 week 2  100ml/EOD  50mg/ED
 week 3  100ml/EOD  50mg/ED
 week 4  100ml/EOD
 week 5  100ml/ED 50mg/ED
 week 6  100ml/ED 50mg/ED
 week 7  100ml/EOD 50mg/ED
 week 8  100ml/EOD 50mg/ED
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