Pharmacom Mix 2 Review

Magic thing about Trenbolone is that it has perfect and strong binding affinity to so important for bodybuilders androgen receptors called A.R. It is crucial property as if stronger it is, it will push harder cells to grow. As you know Pharma mix 2 by Pharmacom contain Trenbolone Acetate (75mg/ml). That dosage of Tren within Pharma Mix 2 is enough to bring perfect results which are visible with an eye after 2 weeks. After that period, person using Mix 2 is able to see changes on daily basis. So now it is time to jump into Pharmacom Mix 2 review … 

Pharma Mix 2 UK

Pharmacom Mix 2 Review

Each bottle of Pharma Mix 2 contain 3 great steroids used mainly in cutting cycles. But do not misunderstand that here. Cutting doesn’t mean that you will loose mass for sake of shredded body. Of course cutting require some weight loss but mainly it is fat and water that we hate right ? If you are eating properly and loads of protein, Pharma Mix 2 will build lean muscle mass if you like that or not. Trenbolone Acetate was made for cows so they can loose fat on their way to slaughter house. But it has enormous anabolic properties as it is 5 times stronger on androgenic and anabolic side than Testosterone hormone.

Each 10ml bottle of Pharma Mix 2 steroid contain :

  • 75mg – Trenbolone Acetate 
  • 100mg – Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)
  • 75mg – Testosterone Phenylpropionate

As you can see, that trio is perfect team to build lean (I said lean) muscle mass without water retention and not so much androgenic side-effects. Gyno won’t be problem here as Trenbolone doesn’t play to much with gyno. Just in case of very sensitive nipples , you can take Tamoxifen or Nolvadex if you have problems with that.

Phamracom Mix 2 review That is the latest Pharmacom Mix 2 package. As you can see Pharmacom put loads of effort and money to make their products. Pharma Mix 2 coming in 10ml vials so you can adjust amount of steroid for your needs. You don’t not waist whole ampule as it was before when steroid were coming only in 1ml amp.

Pharma Mix 2 is high standard and maybe highest in the world. that Trenbolone – Masteron – Testosterone blend was designed to give maximum by taking minimum. It isn’t however gear for first time ever steroid cycle. Pharmacom Mix 2 i strong and give amazing results.

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