Anadrol UK (Anapolon Oxymetholone) Magnus Pharma


50 x 50mg Oxymetholone (Anadrol,Anapolon) tablets

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oral steroid

Drug name :


Weekly dose :

min 350mg max 1050mg

Basic Cycle :

350mg / week

Can go with :

Testosterone, Trenbolone, Other Injectable

Good for :

mass (very strong), strenth

Package :

50 x 50mg tablets

Product Description

maybe the best Anadrol UK (Oxymetholone) – the strongest ever made oral anabolic steroid used for quick bulking and strength gains. Anapolon (Anadrol) is so strong, so it can be taken usually onlu 21 days and need to be stopped. Daily dosage of this Oxymetholone UK steroid , is usually 50mg a day. For quick , mass and strength gains user can take 75mg/day in 3 splitted doses.

  • Drug amount : 50 tablets of 50mg each
  • Manufacturer : Magnus Pharma
  • Purpose: extreme mass and strength gains
  • Type :  oral

Cheap Anadrol UK

If you are looking for cheap Anadrol UK , maybe Oxymetholone by Magnus Pharma can be your choice here. It is high class Anapolon steroid used for extreme gains. Be careful , Anadrol UK is strongest oral steroid ever made.

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Anadrol UK cycle

There is a bit a rule of thumb when taking anadrol uk products. You should consider taking 50mg each day for 21 days and stop using it as Anadrol is strongest oral anabolic steroid and can damage your liver.