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With no doubt dianabolos are now most wanted and maybe most genuine Dianabol tablets which you can buy online in United Kingdom thanks to Pharmacom Labs. Dianabolos are pure Methandienone UK anabolic steroid tablets in perfectly prepared new package which is totally high-end. It mean put loads of effort to craft each product. When buy buy dianabolos d-Bol or any other Pharmacom product, you will be surprised with that.

What is Dianabolos – UK Dianabol ?

Dianabolos is nothing else like Dianabol (Methandienone). Anabolic-androgenic steroid created by USA Olympic team doctor for purpose of sport. American team wanted to get mor wins agains Russia where almost each athlete was on injectable testosterone hormone invented in beginning of XX century.

Dianabolos tablets are 10mg D-Bol pills that have pink colour . Package contain 2 blisters of 50 tablets each.

  • This is offer for Dianabolos. Leading Dianabol tablets by Pharmacom. This can be now the best selling D-bol in UK online as it is the most clean and heavy-metals free Methandienone hormone. You can purchase it in United Kingdom with PayPal or debit card without problems.

What is Dianabolos Dianabol in UK ?

Old Dianabolos Pharmacom Dianabol in United Kingdom
Old Dianabolos package. Out of market right now.

Dianabolos is brand name for oral steroid hormone named Methandienone or commonly called Dianabol or D-Bol. In some countries the name is recognized as Metanabol or Methanabol (British Dragon). That product is base of almost each steroid cycle due to its strength and fast action. UK Dianabol Pharmacom is fast acting oral anabolic/androgenic hormone designed for male use.

Each packet of Dianabolos contain 100 tablets where each contain 10mg of Methandrostanolone hormone (Dianabol). This package is new Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos box. Old packet was black with navy-blue metallic Dianabolos signature.  You can see old Dianabolos package on the left. It is still original and genuine product but just old series.

How to buy Pharmacom Dianabol – Dianabolos ?

You can purchase Dianabolos online in many online shops. It is up to you where you decide to buy Dianabol Pharmacom. Be aware of ‘use by’ date as old series may be already expired. It is good practice to ask your supplier before you decide to purchase genuine Dianabol in United Kingdom.

What you get when you buy Dianabolos tablets ?

  • Best oral (but not the strongest) anabolic steroid drug known as Methandienone, Dianabol , D-bol , Metanabol, Methanabol which all are describing one and the same real drug Methandrostanolone (Methandienone)
  • One Dianabolos packet with 100 Pharmacom UK Dianabol tablets
  • Each tablets has 10mg of active Methandienone
  • Cheap and genuine Dianabol in United Kingdom

How to take Pharmacom Dianabol it is Dianabolos tablets ?

Common practice is to take 50mg of Dianabol daily for 8 weeks or period of your steroid cycle. Some people thing that 100mg/day D-bol dosage will bring better results but there are many proves that this not the case. Human body has certain amount of receptors which react with oral Dianabol tablets. Overdosing brings rather negative than positive effects of Methandienone.

UK Dianabol cycle for beginners

  • Week 1 : 50mg ED (every day)
  • Week 2 : 50mg/ED
  • Week 3 : 50mg/ED
  • Week 4 : 50mg/ED
  • Week 5 : 50mg/ED
  • Week 6 : 50mg/ED

As you can see this is UK Dianabol beginner cycle . Quite mild but still serious as it uses real medical drug (Methanabol). Be careful and don’t  forget to plan Your PCT after each steroid cycle.


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