Genuine Testo-Prop 100 UK Sis Labs Testosterone Propionate


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1 x 10ml x 100mg of Testosterone Propionate ester. Testo-Prop 100 by Sis Labs available for sale in United Kingdom. Maybe the best Propionate ester steroid in Britain now. We have made a steroid test and results are awesome !

Testo-Prop 100 by Sis Labs UK – steroid result test

We have made steroid test for this product. It says that Testo-Prop 100 by SiS Labs is genuine Testosterone Propionate anabolic steroid. You can have look on pictures below. We are so happy to announce, another 100% real steroid in United Kingdom. Seems like SiS labs doing great job there !

testo-prop 100 Sis Labs steroid test result UK

here is final of steroid test for Testo-Prop 100 by Sis Labs

As you can see. Left vial is a light-green+yellowish colour , second vial is bright yellow. It mean (acording to MMC steroid test sheet) this is genuine Testosterone Propionate. Unfortunaltly I can’t send you UV picture as my camera just can’t shoot UV photos. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s just mine or all cams can’t. But like i wrote above, both vials shows already it’s original Propionate steroid for sale in UK now.


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