Hygetropin hGH (100iu) Yellow Cap


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Each 10iu vial contains 3.33mg Somatropin rDNA . This is genuine hGH product. It allows to lose body fat like no other product as well as healing painful joints and fix tears on muscle tissue. Basically it is elixir of youth. This is pure and original Human Growth Hormone

What is Hygetropin hGH ?

Hygetropin is a brand name for Somatropin Human Growth Hormone (hGH). It is pure hormone which allows fast and lean muscle mass growth, improves bones density and decreasing body fat levels. Study shows, that group of 60-70 years old man build up up to 2kg of lean muscle mass during controlled period of taking hGH like Hygetropin.

My and my friends personal experience is quite good. We used it before competitions for cutting. On Hygetropin (or other brands of human growth hormone) you can eat basically like 18 years old your person without storing fat.

Second and maybe much more important effect of taking this product , was to heal injured elbows , shoulders and knees that took damages during heavy weight lifting. My flat benchpress record was 320kg, and this weight just crushed my elbows and make my shoulder rotator cuffs scream for morphine.  hGH allows me to cure it very fast.

How to take Hygetropin (Somatropin, hGH) ?

For maintenance and systematic cutting and loosing fat, I would suggest 5-8 iu each day. For purpose of fixing joints , ligaments and tendons I would suggest using 10iu each day divided in 2-3 doses as hGH has short half-life span which is just few hours.



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