Metanabol (dianabol) 100x5mg


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Here you can buy 200 tablets of Polish Dianabol named Metanabol. Name is coming clearly from Metandienone. It is pharmacy grade D-Bol. You can buy Metanabol UK online now with PayPal or debit , credit card.

Original Dianabol coming as 5mg tablets so you need 200 tablets to get equivalent of 100x10mg . Metanabol is most clean and genuine Methandienone drug. It has quite low price as polish currency is still not to strong to pound sterling.

Why to buy Metanabol UK online ?

if you are about to plan your steroid cycle, you probably implement Dianabol as additional, oral anabolic steroid in your cycle. Maybe you need something as “kick-start” and Anadrol is to strong and collect to much water. Metanabol wil be great option for you. You can buy one or two batches of genuine and original metanabol tablets here.


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