Buy Omnadren 250 Polish Sustanon (Jelfa Poland) 5x1mlx250mg


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This if sale offer for Omnadren 250 commonly known as Omka (in Poland) which is a Polish Sustanon 250 replacemnt in Poland. You can buy Omnadren 250 in United Kingdom nowadays via online purchase.  Made by Jelfa Polska , become the most wanted and maybe the strongerst injecatbale anabolic steroid in Eastern Europe. Since may ears is one of the most used steroids in bulking cycles also in United Kingdom and successfully shipped to United States.

Buy Omnadren 250 in UK online

What is Omnadren 250 “Omka” that I can buy In UK now ?

It is basically twin brother of Sustanon 250 which just one difference on one testosterone ester. Each 1 ml of Omnadren contain :

Buy Omnadren 250 in UK

When you purchase Omnadren 250 you get one package with 5 amp where each one contain 1ml x 250mg of all 4 testosterone esters. Be ready for Omka as that will push you further on muscle mass (with quite high water retention) and enormous strength. If taken along with Dianabol (Metanabol) will give insane results in as short as 2 months.


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