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Now you can buy Parabolan UK from Sis Lab . Introducing oldest brand of Human Grade TrenboloneParabolan. We know this steroid disaprear from market years ago, but now its made by Sis Lab and has old name – Parabolan. Each ml contain 100mg of trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Not Acetate but still amazing ester of Tren steroid.

Parabolan For Sale in United Kingdom

Sis Lab is new steroid manufacturer on UK market. Its not as old as Pharmacom or Excel lab, but now it offers widest variety of injectable and oral anabolic-androgenic steroids. Among their offer we have Parabolan 10mg x 100ml of trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate in its purest version. This Tren ester is not that popular as for example Acetate, so the price here is higher due to lower market intake.

Short history of Parabolan steroid

Parabolan was first human-grade Trenbolone drug. As you may know, first Tren was made for cows. Yes. Made to make meat more lean by burning it’s fat with Tren and building lean muscle mass with Trenbolone steroid. It as for of a tablet, which was installed in cow ear. During transport to slaughter house, cow was loosing fat thanks to that and farmer go better price for his animal. Quick enough, bodybuilders decided to use it, like they tried with Winstrol (Stromba, for horses before to give them much more strength), and it worked. Before they had to dissolve caplet made for animal (Finaplix) and inject it. First company making Parabolan was French pharmacutical company. Tren was good , amazing but to strong for human and removed from the market. Man just couldn’t deal with so fast muscle growth and that was not required while having much more mild steroid around. But bodybuilders remembered that drug and till now Parabolan was made in underground to heal build lean , fat free muscle mass with as little androgenic side-effects as possible.

Buy Parabolan in UK – Sis Lab 100mg Parabolan

Parabolan United KingdomNow, maybe one underground pharmaceutical company – Sis Lab – decided to produce Parabolan steroid for wide market. Parabolan is very potent steroid and bring enormous effects in short time. I have tried Trenbolone in my 5 latest cycles and I have to say that I can’t imagine my cycle without it. Its not physically addictive but when you see results of Parabolan Sis Lab, you hardly will be using your preview steroids . For me it is the best steroid and I feel awesome on it. It have some side-effects like cough, sweating during sleep, lack of sleep as you don’t feel like you need to sleep, libido grows till sky , aggression also. That is bad side effect and brought me couple problems, but not any serious. Other side effect of Parabolan i my case is lack of will to have contact with people. I was trying not to talk to anyone as I didn’t care what they have to say. Apart of that I felt good on Parabolan. If you are planning to buy Parabolan in UK , consider Sis Lab 10x100mg Parabolan steroid.


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