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Propiobol 100 (Testosterone Propionate) 10mlx100mg/ml


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Product Description

One of the strongest Testosterone Propionate steroids available in our shop. Propiobol 100 by Alchemia Pharma is becoming now our main product among all injectable Test Prop steroids. In UK it can be quite new but has been tested by few of my friends and myself with great score.  I can recommend Propiobol 100 by Alchemia Pharma Pro.

What is Propiobol 100 by Alchemia Pharma ?

Propiobol 100 is pure class Testosterone Propionate ester which is coming in 10m vials where each one ml contain 100mg of clean Propionate steroid. It can be implementer in beginner and advanced cycles due to its properties. It has quite low water retention properties so it is great in cutting cycles and can go along with Trenbolone Acetate  , Masteron or Equipoise (Boldenone Undeclynate) if required. When you buy Propiobol 100 in UK or any other country, you can expect to get great class and strong steroid.

How to take Propiobol 100 ?

Propiobol 100 should be taken basically every other day (EOD) . If you are beginner dosage of 50 – 75mg is recommended , if you are bit more advanced bodubuilder 75-100mg is best dosage and if you are professional and know what you are doing , 200mg EOD is what you may need. But please contact your trainer or doctor before taking Propiobol 100 or any other anabiolic steroid. They are serious drugs. Your life will change after injecting Propiobol or other drugs. Be careful !


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