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The most real and genuine Anavar tablets in United KIngdom. We can offer you best selling Oxanabol by Alpha Pharma with the best UK price. That oral anabolic steroid is called the most safe but not as strong as Dianabol tablets. Anavar – Oxanabol is commonly used by woman to gain extra muscle mass and strength. It improves endurance in the same time by cumulating much more glicogen in the muscle tissues.

Anavar UK – Oxanabol Alpha Pharma for mass gains

Like I’ve mentioned above. Anavar is oral steroid but because is so mild and almost with no androgenic side effects (if not extremely overdosed) is not so strong choice for those who want to get massive gains like in case of Anapolon (Oxymetholone) and Sustatnon 250 cycle. But you can safely and slowly build lean muscle mass. It is also commonly used by woman and basically the only one anabolic steroid (because all of the based on the best and only one hormone that push muscles to growth – Testosterone which is male hormone) which is so mild on androgenic side, so it doesn’t offer any masculination side-effects like hair growth, voice change or boldness .

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