Ripped 150 Magnus Pharma (Super Rip, One Rip)

Ripped 150 Magnus Pharma (Super Rip, One Rip)


Product Description

Ripped 150 Magnus Pharma is a another brother of One Rip 200 and Super Rip 200 which are the best and very well known blends of Trenbolone Acetate , Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) and Testosterone Propionate. Ripped 150 Magnus Pharmaceuticals is product containing :

Each vial contains 10ml of this superb steroid blend and is the best mix for cutting purposes but not only. As Trenbolone Acetate is 4 times stronger than Testosterone, it gives insane muscle grow and fat burn at the same time. If you want to be ready for the summer, couple months on this steroid will change your body in extreme way. It gives extra endurance and strengths.

Ripped 150 cycle

Ripped 150 by Magnus Pharma should be administrated 1ml EOD (every other day). So user takes 1ml of Ripped 150 every second day. It will be active right away due to short esters used in this drug.


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