Stano-Med (Winstrol Depot) Bioniche Pharma 10ml


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Stnao-Med made by Bioniche Pharma is now available for sale online in United Kingdom as well as in United States. Stano-Med is injectable version of Stanozolol steroid called commonly Winstrol. Injectable Winstrol has its own name : Winstrol Depot. That name become populated by Zambon company (now Desma).

What is Stano-Med by Bioniche Pharma ?

Each bottle contain 10ml of Stanozolol steroid where each ml has 100mg of Winstrol steroid . Usually Winstrol Depot is sold as 50mg/ml. Stano-Med has 1000mg in 10ml ! Great value for the price. It can give you 20 injections, not just 10 as you may thing when buying Stano-Med Stanzolol by Bioniche in UK or USA online.


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