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Sustanon UK Pharmacom (Pharma Sust 300)


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Product Description

Introducing best quality and quite cheap but still one of the best selling in United Kingdom and Europe , Sustanon 250 type steroids made by Pharmacom Labs – Pharma Sust 300 . Why 300 not 250 ? As it has 300mg in 1ml not 250 as regular Sustanon . Sustanon Pharmacom is most wanted but still not widely available due to his high price.

Why Sustanon Pharmacom  is still quite expensive ?

As you maybe know Sustanon 250 and in the same Pharma Sust 300 is one of the basic but at the same the best injectable steroids for bulking. Taken along with Dianabol or Anadrol, it creates insane strong combination which gives not just super fast muscle mass (but still with loads of water retention) but loads of strength. If anyone wish to beat his life records … we recommend Sustanon Pharmacom with Dianabol and Deca Durabolin. That mix create champions and mutants due to insane high muscle growth in extremely short time.

Sustanon Pharmacom for purchase in UK online

Because Sustanon Pharmacom is best class Susta steroids itself , it still dissapear from any shelf in short time that’s why it still is not the most cheap anabolic steroid from Sustanon family. If you are looking cheap Sustanon, we recommend Omnadren 250 from Poland. It is extremely good and is on market since 80’s.

How to take Sustanon Pharmacom ?

The weekly dosage of that product shoul be between 600-900mg/week. It gives two or three injections over one week. Do not exceed prescribed dosage as that can cause serious complications including death. Remember that all anabolic steroids are serious and real drugs that has direct impact on health.


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