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Willing to buy Testosterone Cypionate in UK ? Testex 200 by Sis Labs is one of the most pure and genuine steroids on British market in this year . Cypionate becoming now most popular anabolic steroid due to his properties and low side-effects as this is just pure Testosterone Hormone , natural to human.

What is Cypionate steroid ?

Cypio or Cypionate is one of the Testosterone esters. What is ester ? It is group of molecules attached to given drug (here is Tesosterone Hormone) and have task to release drug to blood in given time. Most popular and fastest ester of Test is propionate , longer are Cypionate , Enanthate and Decanoate. All of them is just the same male hormone , but just with different timings. It mean, you don’t have to inject some of them each other day, but for example once a week or once 2 weeks if you taking is as TRT. Testex 200 is best quality injectable Cypionate steroid.

What you get when you buy Cypionate in UK by Sis Labs Testex 200 ?

Each package contain one 10ml vial of Testosterone Cypionate steroid. Each ml has 200mg of Cypio hormone. Cypionate should be taken in amount of at least 400mg a week for best results, overdosing Testex 200 or any other Cypionate anabolic steroid , didn’t show any visible effects but it gave first symptoms of side-effect visible in Testosterone Hormone. It should not be used by women. It is purely male hormone.

Testex 200 for sale in UK

If you purchase testex 200 sis labs, consider using additional (for example oral) steroid with fast action like Diaanabol or Anapolon (Oxymetholone). Testosterone Cypionate will be active after 5-7 days so it is good to maximise results by taking short half-life steroid to begin. It can be test propionate (acive 1-2 days).


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