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Testosterone Enanthate UK Pharmacom


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Product Description

I don’t have to introduce Pharmacom labs and it’s strongest Testosterone Enanthate. 10ml x 300mg/ml gives the most out of one bottle. That Testosterone Enanthate by pharmacom is great choice if you are looking most safe and strongest Enan in United Kingdom

  • Drug type : Testosterone Enanthate
  • Brand name : Pharma Test E300
  • Package : box/vial
  • Quantity : 1 x 10ml x 300mg/ml
  • Form : injectable (oil)
  • Min weekly dosage : 400mg
  • Max daily dosage : 700-900mg (professional bodybuilders)
  • Manufacturer : Pharmacom Labs
  • Delivery type : recorder/1st Class , next day delivery
  • Returns : Accepted only for unopened vials


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