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Rules of good steroids cycle

So you have decided to make your first steroid cycle. You have your goals set : bigger, stronger, shredded. Yes … dream of all of us. But do you really get all that with any randomly taken anabolic steroids ? Not sure about that. My 20 years of experience with anabolic/androgenise steroid gave me a bit knowledge about them and how they work on human body . And what is the most important , how they affect body and mentality after cycle. When you decided to buy steroids get know couple rules of good steroid cycle for best result and optimal health. 

Basic rules of good steroid cycle

When you have your money ready, supplier chosen it is time to plan good steroid cycle. Bad chosen steroid will affect your health during cycle itself but also what is the most important they will have direct influence on your physical and mental condition long after cycle. It is important to learn the most about products you want to implement in your cycle so it will be rules of good steroids cycle you’ll follow each time .

First rule of good steroid cycle : Start with lightest steroids you can

First and the most important is to consider do you really want to jump into steroid world. I don’t want to play priest here and show you real God and proper path , If you are here you are it mean there is no way back already. So if you want to know first gold rule of good steroid cycle you can have here mine : Always start with most mild steroid you can. Do not jump into strongest oral steroid like Oxymetholone (commonly known as Anadrol) or Fluoxymasteron (Halotestin) or best injectable steroids like Trenbolone Acetate, Sustanon 250 or Deca Durabolin , just because some dealer told you that to gets much more money. In fact, the best (it is strongest) steroids cost usually much more that those mild, the most popular ones which doesn’t mean that they are bad . Usually mild mean much better for healt and with less side effects during and after cycle. So read as much as you can about anabolics to choose best or optimal option and create good steroid cycle which suits you. Do not try tro ride a tank if you don’t have drive licence ok ?  That is my suggestion.

Second rule of good steroid cycle : Do not overdose

Human body have limits. We all know that. Taking much more steroids that human body can accept won’t make you bigger or stronger. Your car won’t be faster if you attach extra gasoline container to it. It can be better with good quality gas, but that has also limits. Same with us. Injecting enormous amount of Testosterone Propionate , Trenbolone Acetate or eating 200mg of Dianabol a day has no effect on results and what’s more … it can reduce it.

To get know about steroid dosage read other articles in our blog. Each compound (hormone) as different min and max dosage limits and to make it mor advanced , different esters of the same compound (example : Testosterone) have not just different dosage limits but also times of half-life which results in variable time of injecting them. Steroids are very potent drugs and should be taken with care. Not only for safety but also for best results.  Learn about each steroid compounds you buy to get the most of it.

Third rule of good steroid cycle : Do not take the same compound in different form or blend

Years ago when steroids where just medical drugs and we had just very few of them on the market, there was no much problem to avoid mixing the same drug in different form or taking it within other compound. But if you are bit familiar with steroid market nowadays you know maybe steroids blends like Pharma Mix 2 , One Rip 200 , Super Rip 200 , or most known Sustanon 250. I know a guy who was taking Pharma Mix 2 as 100mg EOD (every other day) like it should but he was so unfamiliar with steroids types so he also was injecting Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ ED (every day) as he had no idea about Testosterone esters like Propionate , Enanthate and few others , Which still are the same Testosterone hormone but in slightly different forms which have different half-life periods. So in that case he was overdosing Test quite badly.  Avoid that when you want to build best steroid cycle for you. Read each label , calculate quantities and remove other options which may result in choosing the same hormone but under different name or form.

It is the most popular mistake with guys who take injectable Winstrol Depot (my favourite Winnie) and takes 5x10mg of oral Stanozolol tablets. Winstrol is just a brand name for Stanozolol drug. It is basically the same thing. Difference is only there , that injectable version called Winstrol doesn’t need to travel through stomach and liver where most of it is destructed as liver want to fight it. Basically you can durik Winstrol shots if you want. They are water based steroids. But do not do it if you don’t have to. Plan steroid cycle best you can and always take drugs the way they should be taken.

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