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Buy Testosterone Cypionate Pharmacom UK – Pharma Test C250

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Pharmacom UK Pharma Test C250

Would you like to buy Testosterone Cypionate Pharmacom UK know with name Pharma Test C250 ? If you are looking for cypionate steroid in United Kingdom, we have good article for you. Read all about Pharma test C250 before you buy any Pharmacom products online. Here is hint , how to buy cheap Testosterone Cypionate with PayPal, credit card or debit card. 

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Pharmacom UK online

If you are looking for Pharmacom steroid , you know the best brands of anabolic-androgenic steroid on UK market. That’s for sure. Pharmacom offers wide verity of Testosterone Hormone steroid in its range. One of them is maybe the best ester of Test , known as Cypionate ester.

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Pharmacom UK Pharma Test C250

What is Testosterone Cypionate C250 Ester ?

Have you ever heard of different ‘types’ of Testosterone ? There is no such thing like different type of Test hormone. It can be different brand name made by several steroid manufacturers like Pharmacom is one of them. There is just one type of Testosterone Hormone. One and that’s it.

But there is couple different testosterone hormone esters . Testosterone Cypionate Pharma Test C250 by Pharmacom Labs is one of them – Cypionate. There is also most popular Propionate and Enanthate. What is then Testosterone Cypionate that Pharmacom offers us ?

Ester is a structure attached to Testosterone which decide how fast (or slow) it is broken down in body after injection. It is something like steroid timer which decide how long it works before liver destroy it and remove from the body with urine etc.  Cypionate is mid range (looking on time) working Testosterone. Pharma Test C250 is active longer than Propionate Ester but not as long as Enanthate. That’s the difference between each ester.

If you want fast acting Test , get Propionate , it will be active in 2 days but you need to inject it also every 2 days (EOD). Cypionate you can take every 5 days and it will be ok. But it takes also longert to break down Pharma Test C250 by Pharmacom that Propionate.

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